results visible the moment he came out of the OR

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results visible the moment he came out of the OR

Post by Cece » 8 years ago

Lortie says that the positive results of the treatment were visible from the moment he came out of the operation room.

"My wife immediately noticed that there was more colour in my face," he recalls. "The very next day I was telling my doctor what colour his shirt was through my left eye, which had been (colour-blind) for the last two-and-a-half years."

"My vision is progressively getting better," he adds. "Every day there's more detail I can make out."

Lortie notes that his balance greatly improved after the treatment, and that his temperature even began to regulate itself again.

"Right away the tingling in my hands was gone, and my feet felt warm - before they were always cold," he says, adding that he is now able to sweat for the first time in over two years.
"It was sad to have to go so far to receive this treatment, but the benefits are just phenomenal," he says. "The way I feel right now is just absolutely tremendous." ... ew+therapy

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Post by garyak » 8 years ago


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Post by CD » 8 years ago

I've read about so many people having eye correction on the table. That alone is a gift. Super!

Hey I realized that I sweat now too. It's been eons since I did. I just got overheated and felt ill. Now I sweat, wow. It feels weird. All these new sensations feel weird. It's has been a long time with them.

I have my DH changing the sheets, and washing them and more clothes now. Well that's on his chore list. :lol:

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