How to prepare for CCSVI treatment in the weeks before?

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How to prepare for CCSVI treatment in the weeks before?

Post by carollevin » 7 years ago

I am going to be getting CCSVI treatment within the next month or two. Is there a certain diet or supplements that might be helpful or things I should avoid? I read on the website that the endothelial approach (under education section) is good to do before and after CCSVI---I think it's like no gluten or dairy and supplements like fish oil and Vitamin D.

Thank you.

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Post by Stayfit » 7 years ago

Do you already do physical training? Keep it up if not good idea to begin some strengthening but do not strain no sweating no exertion just some effort. Both my neurologist and IR indicate my improvements post procedure have been boosted by my physical training.

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Post by AMcG » 7 years ago

Bill Code reccomended more than 3000mg of DHA and EPA from fish oil, 10,000 iu of vit D at least a month before and six months after and 3000mg of curcumin in the talk he gave in Winnipeg. He also mentioned Emu oil.

Jimmylegs has also linked a study showing that magnesium helps prevent restenosis:

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