A Neurologist that gets it

A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.
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A Neurologist that gets it

Post by dania » 7 years ago

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Re: A Neurologist that gets it

Post by MrSuccess » 7 years ago

in this video , the speaker reports an estimate ,of the number of people reported as having MS in the United States ...... 450,000 .

The population of the United States is more or less ... 330,000,000 people.

That [ if my math is correct ] means - .136 % - have MS.

Point one three six . Less than 1 % of the population have MS in the USA.

Now ... think about this .......

Two studies have been done that reveal that about 6 % of TRAUMA incidents go on to develop.......... MS ...... with no previous history of any ms symptoms. Hmmmmm.

SIX percent of the population of the USA .....would be .... 2,700,000 people.

SIX percent of 450,000 ..... is ... 27,000 people

Mark my words : Trauma causes - INFLAMMATION - which then triggers CCSVI ... that then ..... affects the ability of the brain to function ...... and is then called ....MS.

It's a theory .... and it's as good as any other being floated about .......


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