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Critical question

Post by shucks » 7 years ago

I have been reading for a year (when I was diagnosed) everything i can find on MS treatments, and started with ccsvi. I am not trying to be a troll, but would like to know a couple things from you folks more knowledgeable than I am about the issue. I have read tons of things on many treatments, but I havent found any scientific proof of how ccsvi works. I get the theory, and hope it does, but havent seen any scientific trial studies or the like on it. I have been leaning strongly towards fundraising for hsct treatment, since it had been written about and tested extensively as a treatment with an 80% success rate at 10 years. Are there any hard numbers on ccsvi, or is it a flash in the pan? I would really like to know.
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Re: Critical question

Post by Cece » 7 years ago ... as_sdtp=on
Google scholar results for CCSVI.
ISNVD abstracts, including Dr. Mehta's preliminary trial results and Dr. Hubbard's fMRI perfusion studies.

There's more research than there was a year ago, and less than there will be a year from now....
Wishing you much success with whatever treatments you pursue.

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