how to get OHIP to fund CCSVI treatment

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Re: how to get OHIP to fund CCSVI treatment

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Love the letter, Hooch!

Here's an article on Ms. Butcher's OHIP appeal:
Butcher was self-represented when she appeared before a three-member panel during a hearing at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa.

She said there was some doubt expressed about the rates of improvement claimed by supporters of the treatment, including Liberal MP Kristy Duncan who will introduce a private member's bill in the House of Commons next week advocating for clinical trials in Canada.

But Butcher also found the panel members appeared surprised that people with MS are explicitly prohibited from receiving the vascular treatment, which is routinely administered to relieve various other ailments.

Moreover, the cost to administer the treatment in Ontario would be far less than the price paid for the treatment overseas or in the U.S., she contends.
A counter argument to her appeal was made at the hearing by an OHIP lawyer and medical advisor who insist the Zamboni treatment is experimental and unproven.

Furthermore, three previous similar appeals were dismissed.
We need to get a proposal from the medical community. We need to know who those members of the Ontario medical community are that would consider doing such a proposal, and if they are ready to do so now or exactly what evidence must come in before they do so. A full blinded trial is not required, according to Dr. Langley.

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