A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.
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Post by dania » 6 years ago

I have traveled down the road to find some relief/cure to my MS symptoms. Probably the ultimate guinea pig. Tried stem cells in Oct 2009, did nothing, no change. But here's where it becomes interesting, I met a group of MS patients doing the same as me when I was there. The only difference between them and me is that I did not do physio on the days in between injections as I ran a low grade fever after every injection which they say could happen. All of them, improved while they were there. The stay was one month. When they got home they did not receive physio and all, with time, found their condition worsening.
Dr Rosa and Dr Flanagan say exercise, or should I say lack of exercise definitely plays a part in our condition declining. Makes perfect sense to me now. I notice that just keeping my posture straight helps. If you exercise, strengthening your neck muscles, you will keep you body straighter.
I think Dr Rosa is on the right track. His theory on how we get this symptoms is a novel one to be sure, but his explanations hold water. Just look at out posts (THIS IS ON FACEBOOK CCSVI SITES) if you had any trauma and many said horse back riding falls. And I do think people who live closer to the equator are at less risk for trauma due to life style. Poorer counties, they walk, many do not own cars, motorcycles do not ski, play baseball, basketball, skateboard, do rock climbing, jump out of airplanes and the list go on...
And his theory could also answer the question as to why are women more frequently diagnosed with MS? Perhaps because women's muscles are not a strong as men's, they are more likely to go out of alignment after trauma/accident then men.
Just something to think about and consider.

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Post by frodo » 6 years ago

interesting theory. Thanks.

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