Whats my problem?

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Whats my problem?

Post by Chikku1908 » Wed Apr 03, 2013 11:38 pm

Hello, I am 32 male from india suffering from tingling / numbness sensation throughout the body. Actually the sysmptoms started before 2 years at my right hand suddenly and the time my blood pressure goes up to 170 /90 and heart beat raises to 140. I admitted in a hospital and undergone CT, ECG, dopller neck.. and many more blood tests. All are negative and have been discharged from hospital. Doctors suggested some medicines to control my BP, cholestrol and palpitation, i used for 2 months and then stopped. Later after 6 months my i notice the tingling / numbness and burning sensation entire my left side and there is a feeling of bugs crawling sensation in my skull (behind skin) also my left side face (above cheeks) going numb, also i have a feeling of dizzyness, again went to hospital and ran multiple tests like NCV, MRI Brain, Spine and few blood tests. Reports shown below symptoms

MRI Brain - OK
MRI Spine - Mild disc dehydration seen at C3 to C7 , mild Cervical Spondylosis
Vit B12 - 220 (border line)
Doctors suppects my dizziniess is related to inner ear infection and asked me to refer a ENT. I went to ENT and they refer few multi vitamin tablets. also they refer Vertin, Zolfresh medicines for my dizzyness and Methylcobalamin for my B12 levals.

The problem continuos...

Now some times i am having rapid heart beat and sharp pins and needles sensation in my left fingers (most of the time), some times at right hand fingers, feet, feeling always dizziness and bugs crawling sensation in my head.

Recently i consulted a heart specialist for my fast heart beat and he put me under Holter monitor, ECG, and the reports are OK.

One more symptom to add: Juat before 2 months (in Jan 2013) i have a blurred vision for couple of minuts and its gone after few mins

Can any one please advise me what my problem is?

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Re: Whats my problem?

Post by standingtall » Wed Apr 03, 2013 11:49 pm

Hang in there Chikku. Sound like you have had a rough time. Hopefully you do not have MS, or anything else for that matter. Doctors can really send you around in circles for a long time.
I have just one suggestion for you, see an infectious disease specialist to eliminate anything along those lines if you have not done so already. There are several exotic and some not so exotic diseases that may cause some of the symptoms you are describing. I hope you feel better and get some answers soon.

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