CCSVI in Meniere syndrome: diagnosis and treatment

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CCSVI in Meniere syndrome: diagnosis and treatment

Post by Cece » Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:25 am

Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency in menière syndrome: diagnosis and treatment

Bruno A. 1, Califano L. 2, Mastrangelo D. 1, De Vizia M. 1, Bernardo B. 1

1 Divisione di Chirurgia Vascolare Clinica GEPOS ‑ Telese, Benevento, Italy;
2 Dirigente Responsabile SSD Audiologia e Foniatria A. O. G. Rummo, Benevento, Italia

Aim: The authors have evaluated through ultrasound and phlebography the relationship between Menière’s Syndrome and CCSVI and effectiveness of angioplasty in the reduction of symptomatology.

Methods: Twenty-five patients with diagnosis of Menière’s Syndrome, not responder to usually therapy, underwent echo-color-Doppler sonography with Zamboni’s protocol for the diagnosis of CCSVI. Twenty-four were positive. In 5 case we performed venography and the diagnosis was confirmed. These patients were treated with PTA of IJV.

Results: Ultrasound diagnosis of CCSVI was performed in patients with Menière’s Syndrome. It was positive in 24 cases out of 25 (95% of cases). In healthy population CCSVI was noticed in 3% of cases. Five patients underwent venography, which confirmed the diagnosis and PTA was effective in all patients.

Conclusion: There is a significant prevalence of CCSVI in patients with Menière’s Syndrome and its treatment with PTA has given good results in all patients, with a consequent reduction of symptomatology.
These researchers found that patients with Meniere's syndrome also had CCSVI, and that treatment with angioplasty improved the Meniere's symptoms.
Meniere's symptoms are vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss: ... 's_disease

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