Possible connection with CCSVI and TMJ misalignment.

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Possible connection with CCSVI and TMJ misalignment.

Post by EJC » Sun May 03, 2015 11:39 am

Link to testimonial and text below for those that can't follow the link. http://dramir.com/blog/

If anyone here communicates with Dr Arata and has his take on this it would be very interesting.

My wife has had PPMS for twenty two years. She has been told that there is no cure by the neurologists who are called the experts in MS. My wife has been completely paralysed to an extent that she cannot move her arms or legs at all. I have to turn her over a few times during the night to avoid bed sores.

In desperation and hoping for a miracle we tried C.C.S.V.I. three times, twice in Egypt and once in the USA at enormous expense with no improvements.

When we were last in America Dr. Arata said that my wife's jaw was too close to her internal jugular veins. He said that there was someone in Britain, mentioning Dr. Amir, that he had heard of who could help. We were very apprehensive as this was an entirely new dimension but nevertheless, we travelled to London from Scotland to see Dr. Amir. I am 62 years old and travelling to London with my wife’s total paralysis was extremely challenging with me having to do all the lifting.

Dr Amir explained to us all his concepts. Dr. Amir rejects the conventional wisdom about MS outright, especially that it is an auto immune disease in need of immune-suppressing drugs. He says that MS is entirely caused by the asymmetry of the structure of our head and bodies. He has many testimonials to prove it and we were also able to talk to a few patients.

We have been travelling to London for eight months while Dr Amir has slowly been trying to improve my wife's jaws. Last week when we were there Dr Amir had some 4th stage appliances to fit. As soon as they were fitted my wife could suddenly raise her arms. She could barely lift her hands an inch before that. She was also able to lift both her legs a couple of inches. This was startling. I ran to the waiting room to get my friend to come in and see this miracle.

During that night I felt my wife pulling me towards her telling me that she is getting feeling back in her body. Her legs started moving. I was flabbergasted and phoned my son at 2.00 AM to come over and see movement in his mothers arms and legs for the first time in 8 years.

Unfortunately this only lasted for about two hours. My wife woke up the next morning wondering if it was a dream. It had not been a dream. If I had not witnessed it with my very own eyes, I would not have believed it. It was miraculous.

Now I can see that my wife is definitely beginning to appear a bit stronger. We can see that something is happening and my wife will finally turn the corner. It also clearly shows that no brain lesions are causing her incapacity. This is consistent with Dr Amirs claims and findings.

We are lucky to have found Dr. Amir. My wife may get a chance to live a fuller life again.

I Roberts, April 2015 -

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