Wonderful thoughts (Canadian Trial & ISNVD 2017 Dr Dake

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Wonderful thoughts (Canadian Trial & ISNVD 2017 Dr Dake

Post by Rogan » Fri May 12, 2017 6:54 am

Listening to Dr. Dake's sober summary of the Canadian trial that was “controversial” gave me so much hope.

Think about it. All of this data is wonderful. The big picture is that Canada stepped up to study this! Yay!

The next biggest news is that 100’s of brave Canadians with MS want blood flow restored to their sick MS brains.
That is the biggest news.
Think about this. 100’s of folks got PTA. 100’s more folks will cross over and get PTA.

Now science starts. The doctors and experts have the veinograms. The data. The patients have their data. For the patients that want restored blood flow to the brain they have baseline data now.

Other doctors like those from ISNVD can look at this data and re-treat or study these brave Canadians. That is the future. The fact that 50% treated restenosised is big news. But perhaps other docs can fix these folks.
The big news is that sick people want good brain blood flow. The best doctors in the world at ISNVD are debating how to best treat all of this.
Watch these talks. It is complicated and not easy and not completely understood. Amazing stuff.

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