A forum to discuss the Coimbra Protocol which uses high-dose vitamin D3 to treat multiple sclerosis.
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Published on Tuesday 11th July 2017

Interviewer: We have the pleasure to have here today Dr. Cicero, neurologist, Sao Paulo’s University teacher and precursor of a new treatment for MS. Good afternoon Dr. Cicero, thank you very much for having us!

Dr. Cicero: It’s my pleasure. Thank you very much for this opportunity to talk to your listeners.

Interviewer: We receive you here with a lot of gratitude and I would like you to introduce us about this treatment for MS that you developed. It called so much our attention that we invited you to come and talk to us.

Dr. Cicero: Around 15 years ago, searching for publications related to the causes of autoimmune disorders, we were faced with the fact that a lot of publications showing that this substance that we called Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin, is much more than a hormone. It's a huge regulator of our immune system. It is believed, since around 800 million years ago, in the dinosaurs age, that it does this work of regulating the immune system, working in favor of animals and humans and not against our own body.
In sequence of these discoveries, we verified that people that have autoimmune disease, that is, when the immune system attacks their own body, are born with a genetic inheritance that make them resistant to the biological immunoregulatory effects of this wonderful substance, called vitamin D. It has nothing to do with a vitamin. It is basically produced when we are exposed to the sun. We can quickly produce a lot of vitamin D while under the sun.
We also verified through this publications, that people with autoimmune disorders have a little sun exposure and at the same time they are partially resistant to the immunoregulatory effects of this Vitamin D. They are deficient from it because they have a really low level of it in their blood.
Besides that, we verified that there is in these diseases triggering, what the medical literature calls “events of a stressful life”. Frequently a child or a teenager can develope MS or another autoimmune disease because of their parents divorce, a teenager with 18, 19 years old can develop MS because of their final exams or from an affective rupture. An older person can develop MS because of a divorce or other kind of separation. So these stressful life events trigger this autoimmune disorders. The immune system starts to attack their own body because it is called to action. Since thousand of generations, this altered emotional state is associated with predator attacks or with war between our ancestor’s rival tribes, they were situations that were normally associated to wounds that infected. So the immune system was activated always when people were submitted to these kind of stressful events. And now these stressful events become the main trigger for the worsening or triggering of an autoimmune disorders.
So for any treatment, developed to combat a disease, to be effective, it has to fight the cause of the problem. So we started to approach all these groups of causes to effectively treat people with autoimmune disorders. We developed this treatment not as a proper research but only to support these patients that looked for our professional help. We developed this protocol for the patients interest. And now the treatment is disclosed, as we have been informed in January, already in 13 different languages on facebook. The high doses of Vitamin D are adjusted according to the resistance of vitamin D from each person. Each person that suffers from an autoimmune disorder can have a different level of resistance. So the daily dose for each person is adjusted depending on their own lab tests. So the dose is individually selected according to this tests. We also strongly advise emotional control. We ask the patient to look for support to stabilize their emotional state.
Its is also part of the treatment, to avoid toxicity of high doses of vitamin D, to eliminate foods that have a lot of calcium, like dairy foods, (milk, cheese, yoghurt, curd…) those are the most important. And also that the patient have a high hydration level, that is, to drink a minimum of 2,5 liters of fluid per day to protect their bodies against the possibility of intoxication from the use of high doses of vitamin D. Essentially that's the protocol. I would like you to ask me something because it's hard to resume 15 years of activity in a short interview.

Interviewer: Sure, we are surprised, first with this result that is already shown and very good that is also translated in so many languages and available for so many people. For me in the 80’s as a Dr, to tell a patient that they have AIDS, was a death sentence and today is not anymore. In the beginning of last century there was no Caesarean. I lost a uncle because of that. The medicine is developing so fast like aviation. 150 years ago we would have walked or used a horse as transport just like Jesus Christ. But there is always a resistance to new discoveries especially if they are against the economic interest, we know that. I considered myself of secular medicine man, so to tell one of my patient that he had MS was a very sad thing to do because I didn’t have an efficient treatment to offer him, that would improve his symptoms. I would treat him with interferons and steroids, that attacks the immune system.

Dr. Cicero: Exactly, in fact when you use high doses of vitamin D, you don’t suppress the immune system, you do the opposite, you potentialise it and just the negative activity of the immune system is suppressed. That one that attacks the own body. This vitamin name causes so much confusion because people think they can have adequate Vitamin D from their diets, and there is just a little in foods. This substance is not an immunosuppressant but an immunoregulator. It will always work in favor of our bodies. The person is able to live a normal life if it wasn’t for the diet, that they have to follow, and because of the hydration. In fact, everybody should keep a 2,5 liters of hydration per day. That’s the requirement.

Interviewer: Here in Brasilia we like to go to the beach (...) and there was a widespread concern that the sun would give you skin cancer. What could you tell us to demystify this because of the human need to receive their Vitamin D from the sun.

Dr. Cicero: So, the question is, you produce a lot of Vitamin D with just a few minutes of sun exposure. Specially, if you are light skinned, if you are young, if your body is almost all exposed, and are exposed when the sun is the strongest, in general between 10AM and 4PM and you don’t need a time of exposure that could risk you of having skin cancer. There is a lack of research updates done about vitamin D today. Doctors are still advised to prescribe only 600 iu of vitamin D per day. But if you have a young person, with light skin, using bathing suits and in the horizontal position under a strong sun, she can produce around 20.000iu of vitamin D in just 10 minutes. When it reaches this level, the skin turns off the Vitamin D production so the person will never get intoxicated because of 10 minutes of sun exposure. This discrepancy between what is prescribed, 600 iu per day, and what nature is able to produce, in just a brief sun exposure (...)

Dr. Cicero: When you take your daughter to the beach you should put suncream after 15 minutes of sun exposure. If the person has dark skin, the time of exposure will be longer, but also the exposure necessary to develop skin cancer is also longer. Another really important thing about this is, as you talked about Brasilia City, we could talk about Sao Paulo or any other city. In as urban environment it is almost impossible for you to take 10 minutes of sun exposure everyday with all your body exposed, or almost all of your body exposed . So in practice, what we see today worldwide is that 9 in 10 people that live on earth have vitamin D deficiency. Because during decades a lot of people migrated from the countryside to the city. A urbanization of the modern society. In the 80’s there was a progressive, or even abusive, use of sunscreen. So we are living in a situation where vitamin D deficiency produces not just cruel autoimmune diseases like MS, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis but also many other cruel diseases like Myasthenia gravis, psoriasis, vitiligo mas tb (...) because today we know that there is not even one cell in our body that doesn't have vitamin D receptors. What are receptors? They are places where Vitamin D binds to other substances to produce its biological effects. And for some organs, like brain and immune system and other ones, vitamin D is essential. So essential, that this organs have their own unique form to activated Vitamin D that is produce in the skin. They don't depend on the kidneys to activate vitamin D. Other disease for example, abortion on the first trimester.

Interviewer: Could it happen because of Vitamin D deficiency?

Dr. Cicero: Yes, in general, the abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy happens because of dysregulated immune system and it rejects implantation of the embryo.

Interviewer: It sees it as a strange body..

Dr. Cicero: Yes, exactly, also the occurrence of high blood pressure at the end of pregnancy. Another thing that is getting tragic, also because of this Vitamin D deficiency that became pandemic or epidemic, more than epidemic, is pandemic, almost everybody, it says 9 in 10 people. Another effect of that is the birth of autistic children. I remember at the time I finish university, few years after I took my diploma, it was estimated that there was a birth of 1 autistic child for every 10.000 births. Today we expect that in a few years we will reach the frequency of a birth of 1 autistic child for every 50 births. Which is a tragedy. Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy results in the growth of autistic child births. In the other hand, if a pregnant woman takes 10.000 IU of Vitamin D, that is half of the dose I mentioned before, that you can produce with sun exposure, therefore a physiological dose, during the whole pregnancy, the child will be born with a very quick and advanced psychomotor development. They are really prodigy children. Some start walking with 8 months old, some with one year and eight months can already count till 20 and have already a five-year-old’s vocabulary. Teachers in school are obliged to put them in 2 years advanced classes because teachers are more enable in dealing with children over 2 or 3 years older. And this issue I mentioned, about the baby’s brain development, is extremely important, because to have a birth of 1 autistic child for every 50 births is a tragedy. And on the other side, imagine what would we do with the educational system in Brazil if all the pregnant women were supplemented with 10.000 iu of Vitamin D? We would revolutionize the educational system in brazil. We would have children able to learn and later, adults able to create high technology, it would be a quantum leap to the future in 2 decades if we were concerned to administer vitamin D during pregnancy in this physiologically realistic dose, which doesn’t cause any side effects, on the opposite, it just prevents complications during pregnancy, the dose of 10.000iu of vitamin D during pregnancy. I suggest that your listeners search a video on youtube that has around 5 min of duration, where I try to explain the importance of the use of physiological dosis, 10.000iu per day during pregnancy for the baby’s brain development. In fact, this is a unique opportunity for this individual, that is being formed in the mother’s utero, and will never repeat again. It’s an opportunity that occurs just during pregnancy. And that would represent to Brazil, as I said, a quantum leap to the future because we would be a population of very quickly learners and able to create new technology in just only two decades.

Interviewer: Dr. It's extremely revolutionary what you are telling us, it's unbelievable. And surprisingly simple!

Dr. Cicero: Simple and cheap!

Interviewer: We have here in the studio, 4 people with Vitamin D deficiency. Guys we are here talking the Dr. Cicero Coimbra, he is a neurologist precursor of a new treatment for MS. After he started talking about vitamin D, about this protocol that has vitamin D as its main base, we started to realise that it brings innumerable other benefits. And Dr. I have here Graziella, from Sao Paulo capital, she is 22 years old, has MS and thanks to the Coimbra Protocol she is relapse free for 6 months. She says “I thought I would be in a wheelchair in the future, and it would be the end of my life. But today I feel better and better and all my symptoms have disappeared. Thank you Dr. Cicero”. The protocol already have the repercussion of our audience.

Dr. Cicero: We have in fact people on the protocol for more than 10 years living a normal life, but we emphasize the importance of emotional control, so that the treatment’s success won’t be jeopardized.

Interviewer: Dr. Cicero deserves a nice conversation. I will invite you here, when you are in Brasilia, let's organize this date, for you to participate in the TV Canção Nova, that is dedicated to important themes like this one you presented for us. I insist for your presence in this program just so that we could make even more good to our brazilian people. And when I go to Sao Paulo I insist to meet you personally.

Dr. Cicero: That would be a pleasure. If I could say a last word for you listeners I would emphasize that there is another deficiency, apart from the Vitamin D deficiency, that is due to a deficiency in diet, that is the magnesium deficiency. The magnesium is an extremely important mineral for the Vitamin D activation. It’s estimated that 80% of the occidental world population is magnesium deficient. So we are advising people to associate magnesium with the Vitamin D intake. That’s all I would like to add.

Interviewer: So we go back to the first chapter of the bible in genesis where it says that “you are mud and to the mud you will return”. So we have the chemical elements, and we suffer our whole lives with their deficiency. Why not to go back to the old practice of replacing all the chemical elements, so essential to our lives?

Dr. Cicero: Exactly, you would have a dramatic effect in the public health. I believe we would have 80% less people in the emergency rooms if we supplemented adequate doses of Vitamin D and Magnesium, fighting world pandemic that have drastic consequences for the public health and at the end they are correlated. They end up being dependent of each other. Because one can worsen the other.

Interviewer: Dr. what is the name of the youtube video that you mentioned earlier?

Dr. Cicero: Your listeners can search for the name (jolevi) and put coimbra on its side in the youtube search that they will easily find this videos.
Interviewer: It was an huge pleasure to have you here, God bless you, and thank you very much for this contribution so important for our public.
Thank you.

Interviewer: He forgot to mention.. No, he did not forget because he knows, but I will tell it here. There is no interest from the laboratories in spread of this treatment because the treatment for MS costs 10.000R$ per month that's the interferon. Instead of stimulate the immune system it blocks it. It's like AIDS. It blocks the immune system and you can die from a cold, from pneumonia etc… ... obilebasic

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