How do you change careers and keep health insurance?

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How do you change careers and keep health insurance?

Post by sashimi » 6 years ago

I have been living with MS for 8+ years. For the most part, things have been fine until recently. I am severely depressed and stressed because I feel stuck. I want out of retail and onto a more meaningful career. I feel like the only way I can afford to live with MS is by working for a major corporation so that I have health insurance. I would love to have the freedom of working independently or with a smaller company (if that was the case). I am so scared to lose my health insurance and not be able to afford the medication and treatment I need to stay healthy. I feel like my only choice is to work for a major corporation so I cannot be denied coverage. Any suggestions?

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Re: How do you change careers and keep health insurance?

Post by mmpetunia » 6 years ago

i really relate to your post! i am navigating the insurance waters currently and its a huge hassle. i for one will be so glad when we can no longer be denied coverage just because we have MS. we have a year to go on that though. in the meantime, its tricky. at least it has been for me.

there are some options such as a high risk insurance pool and i live in SF, so the city-funded health coverage is also an option for me. these have drawbacks though. the high risk pool for california allows you coverage only after 6 months of no coverage. you might want to check to see what your state offers. i think there is also a federal plan as well. the healthy SF plan offers coverage after 3 months of no coverage. another option is a school plan. you didn't mention whether you are still in college but if the school has a plan then you can look into being covered under that.

you didn't mention which medication you take but many have financial assistance plans. coapxone's assistance plan still requires health insurance coverage but many of the others don't. LDN is very affordable too, so if you are willing to switch treatment that could be an option even without health insurance.

not sure which field you would like to work in, but i would bet that you can find something that appeals to you more than a gigantic corporation. i work for a hospital and had great insurance (even working part time...until i went perdiem and then had no coverage at all). teachers, professors, etc have great health plans. my partner works for an ad agency and their plan has no pre-existing condition clause and now covers me. just depends on what you are looking for.

its not easy to figure out. our current healthcare system is a joke if you have anything that might actually need health coverage. its hard but not impossible. definitely look into what your city or state has to offer as well.
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Re: How do you change careers and keep health insurance?

Post by ScutFarkus » 5 years ago

If you're in the US and have had continuous group health insurance through your employer for the past six months, then you can change jobs and the new employer's insurance has to waive their preexisting condition clauses.

In other words, once you have employer provided health care, then you can change jobs without losing coverage, so long as you never let your insurance lapse.

When I got diagnosed, I quickly made the transition to a big company to get the improved insurance.

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