ELISA Test Results

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ELISA Test Results

Post by mrmiller » Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:02 am

Hey All

New user, so quick hello (hello) and straight to business. I am helping my wife manage the diet aspects of MS and am working on best bet / jelinek / swank hybrid diet to help manage health as best as possible.

So, we have had our ELISA test results back today and while there are many things we expected there are a few suprises:

The ELISA test shows graded results with three categories:

1. Elevated (>30)
2. Borderline (24-30)
3. Normal (<24)

Most fruit, veg, nuts etc are all normal.

The following fall into the borderline category
Crab, pineabble, wheat, barley, red chilli

So, the elevated cateogory is the important ones and the details are as follows:

cows milk (135)
gliadin (33)
egg white (47)
goat milk (147)
sheep milk (88)
oyster (142)
rye flour (32)
pea (33)
soya bean (41)
cocoa bean (150)
sesame seed (37)
green tea (32)
bakers yeast (45)

We have already cut out milk but it looks like eggs, chocolate and even our rice bread is all out now due to yeast so it really only leaves salads, vegetables and lean meats so the tough diet that we are already on is about to get a little tougher.

The test also showed a candida infection with the following values:
Candida IgG - 42.8 (normal 0-30)
Candida IgM - 6.8 (normal 0-10)

The test says this indicates a current or past Candida infection but the doc claimed this was a past infection. We have been supplementing recently with digestive enzymes and probiotics so maybe we have taken this down some and the removal of all sugars and white bread should help further. Wife does not seem keen to cut out all sugar and drinks but I am fairly sure we should treat the candida just in case but last few days have been testing.

After dx around xmas, we have followed the diet all bar the changes we will now make on the back of the ELISA but have just had another relapse, quite a worrying one that has affected one of her legs.

Still, not going to let it worry us, am reading the new George Jelinek book Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis and I know that it can take up to 18 months for the diet (swank) to take affect and up to five years for it to stabilise. Am going for a modified best bet, swank, jelinek diet with no saturated fat, good fat supplemented, no alergic foods and am going to try to sort out the candida with some supplements as well.

Wife is going to likely have a first course of steroids so will see how that goes and report back. Would be interested to hear peoples thoughts on the ELISA test results or any success people have had cutting out foods that you are sensitive to.

All the best

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