Next life - make me a mouse

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Next life - make me a mouse

Post by bromley » 12 years ago

Oral therapy which is good on mice.

Ian ... June15.asp

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Post by dignan » 12 years ago

I'll add it to the "mice" section of the pipeline.

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Post by LisaBee » 12 years ago

If I ever get enough time, I would like to go through all the mouse model results and find out how many agents with beneficial response in the mouse model have actually been followed up with human trials, even limited trials Maybe I'll make a table that can be posted and updated. Conversely, Id like to tabulate how many drugs in human trials got their origin in the animall studies.

Or maybe this has already been done by someone else and I haven't found it?


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Post by 2gentle » 12 years ago


I've wondered the same thing! I hope someone has done this already, cuz it would be great to see it.

Ummm, I have some mice I'd be more than happy to donate to ANY trial! :lol:

According to the rep for Serono, their oral trial is going well...hmm...

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