Dodecylmaltoside -Interferon-beta-1b neutralizing antibodies

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Dodecylmaltoside -Interferon-beta-1b neutralizing antibodies

Post by MSUK » Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:05 am


Summary: A group from John Hopkins report initial findings of the success of the compound, dodecylmaltoside, a nontoxic alkylsaccharide surfactant, at reduce aggregation of interferon-beta in vitro.

The researchers suggest that by preventing aggregation of interferon-beta, formation of neutralizing antibodies may be prevented. In experiment where mice were given interferon-beta with and without dodecylmaltoside, it was also found to reduce the immunogenicity in vivo. The authors suggest the results warrant additional tests of dodecylmaltoside as a therapeutic adjuvant in rodent models of multiple sclerosis.... Read More - ... ageid/1316

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