Reversing 4 bicuspid Extraction Orthodontics, Please Help

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Reversing 4 bicuspid Extraction Orthodontics, Please Help

Post by kanehara » Thu May 17, 2012 7:43 pm

Hello everyone,

just a brief background,

at age 18 I had ortho work done, I had crowding so the orthodontist extracted 4 bicuspids and he closed the gap with braces, it created a even more narrow dental arch and collapsed my face a little bit. At the time, I was told growing the palate is impossible for adults, now I'm finding out you can grow bone at any age.

So I want to reverse what was done to me by the ortho, I want to begin expanding my palate and regain the spaces for the 4 bicuspids. I've been living with self-esteem issues about my mouth for years now ever since the braces came off, no amount of positive thinking resolved this issue, now I'm finally doing something about it.

The goal is to get that broad, wide smile.

The biggest roadblock for me is finding a capable, competent orthodontist in Michigan. I've been to numerous consultations, do you guys know of any near Michigan?

The biggest problem that the doctors see with my case is that, developing the jaw as I expand the upper palate. They think they can create enough growth in the upper palate for the two bicuspids but they don't feel that they can accomplish the same type of growth and movement with the bottom palate.

But I really want all my teeth back, and build the dental arch god intended me to have.

I would appreciate any feedback,

Does anyone know of anyone going through this work ?

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Re: Reversing 4 bicuspid Extraction Orthodontics, Please Hel

Post by beccak » Wed May 23, 2012 10:57 am

you need to see dr hang in westlake village california.

i had the same issue..this was done to me when i was a teen...and i have had health issues as well as extreme issues with my appearance most of my life.

i had to have the spaces opened..after i had already had orthognathic surgery...and also then had another has been a long haul.

i also..wanted this done..but could not find anyone...until after the he has helped i said..even after i had surgery way into adulthood.
i am so glad i found your question while doing a google search..i only was able to have the upper teeth i am still having some issues.

i dont know of any other orthodontists who re open spaces. it is a big committment financially and otherwise but it is worth it. you will feel better..and also..look much better. you are sooo lucky...since you have not yet had surgery...and also...had this done as an will be easy for him to re open the space.
you might have sleep apnea..and you may need surgery..and also have tmj issues.

he is in westlake village california...dr william hang.
you can look up his website..
good luck.

i try to tell people to get this done..but most do not want to hear about it..and get very upset when i tell them they should get the spaces re opened....

let me know how it goes..


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Re: Reversing 4 bicuspid Extraction Orthodontics, Please Hel

Post by jimmylegs » Wed May 23, 2012 12:28 pm

hi both, you might get a more useful response by posting on an orthodontics forum, rather than this multiple sclerosis forum.

take control of your own health.
pursue optimal self care, with or without a diagnosis.

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Re: Reversing 4 bicuspid Extraction Orthodontics, Please Hel

Post by kanehara » Wed May 23, 2012 2:55 pm

Hello, Thanks for the reply, I have found out about Dr. Hang in California, my problem is, I live in Michigan, but today I may have found an orthodontist that can help me here in Michigan,

however I still have some concerns pertaining to my treatment protocol, and I would like to hear some insights from you.

Email me if you can, I also sent you a PM. My email is:

I'd very much appreciate it.

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