Botox reduces tremors in MS patients

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Botox reduces tremors in MS patients

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The anti-wrinkle treatment Botox has shown promising results as a treatment for multiple sclerosis patients suffering from tremors. Treatment with little more Botox than that used for wrinkles significantly reduced patients' upper limb shaking, The Royal Melbourne Hospital study found.

Botox, a toxin derived from the Clostridium botulinum germ, is a muscle-relaxing medication used by the cosmetics industry to smooth wrinkles but it also has a number of medical benefits.

It has already proven effective for muscle stiffness experienced by multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and is also available as a treatment for stroke and cerebral palsy sufferers.

Neurologist Dr Anneke Van Der Walt and her colleagues, including Dr Andrew Evans, tested Botox in 23 MS patients, with all the patients experiencing a reduction of about 40 per cent in the severity of their shaking.... Read More - ... ageid/1829

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