Coaxone or betaseron

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Coaxone or betaseron

Post by Tmerrell » 6 years ago

My neurologist has asked me to choose between coaxone and betaseron. I am 60 and not "officially" dx until May 2012. Have suspected for 20+. Is either drug worth the risk and cost? I would love to get some feedback on this.

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Re: Coaxone or betaseron

Post by Loriyas » 6 years ago

Not enough information. What are your symptoms? How severe? Pros/cons with both drugs. Are you also considering not doing any?

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Re: Coaxone or betaseron

Post by Cammie » 6 years ago

Everyone's body is different, but I am doing well on Copaxone. Copaxone is the best one to try first, because it has the fewest side effects. But it doesn't work for everyone. I consider myself fortunate that the first one I have tried has been the one that works for me.

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