Travel to US and flaxseeds?

If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.
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Travel to US and flaxseeds?

Post by pawel96 » 7 months ago


I know this is slightly off topic - but maybe you guys can help a little and give some hints.

There is a chance I will be travelling to US in next months. I use some natural remedies to manage my MS. This is mainly flax seed oil and flax seeds (also some OTC vit E/Mg etc).
Now there is this whole 6059B form that one needs to fill when bringing food to US.

I understand I need to check "seeds" when I have a 500 grams bag of flax seeds? Any chance I will run into problems?
I could of course buy the flax seeds in US but would like to stick to my favorite brand and avoid any unneeded stress during travel. Just bring my own and forget about the problem. But of course I don't want to have even bigger problems with the customs :(

Any advice?


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Re: Travel to US and flaxseeds?

Post by ElliotB » 7 months ago

Perhaps your favorite brand is available in the US. Have you checked?

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Re: Travel to US and flaxseeds?

Post by NHE » 7 months ago

Whole flax seeds are commonly available in natural food markets. One in my area has them available in bulk and refrigerated. The local grocery store also carries Bob's Red Mill brand. The preground flax seeds are stored in the refrigerated section. Where will you be traveling to?

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Re: Travel to US and flaxseeds?

Post by californiadreamin » 7 months ago

Whole foods stores are located through out the US and have high quality flaxseed oil and flaxseed. If you are looking for organic cold pressed flaxseed oil you will find it there among other places but at least thats easy to google and you will always find it there. We follow oms in our family and buy it regularly.

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