MS and new ways of regenerating

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MS and new ways of regenerating

Post by Petr75 » Sat Sep 08, 2018 11:44 am

First published on 26 August 2018 in Health & Wellbeing
By Dr Jessica Fletcher and Dr Susan Northfield, University of Melbourne
MS and new ways of regenerating our brain’s insulation ... insulation

New research finds that stimulating myelin production in our brains could help people living with degenerative and disabling neurological diseases like Multiple

Our research is an important first step in finding new ways to improve myelin repair in demyelinating diseases like MS. It shows that strategies designed to directly target TrkB activation on oligodendrocytes can promote myelin renewal after demyelination.
By collaborating across disciplines including medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and myelin biology, we are constantly working to improve TDP6, as well as studying the process of myelin regeneration and discovering new therapeutic treatments.

Our key focus is to develop new versions of TDP6 and to uncover the molecular interactions that occur within oligodendrocytes that mediate this enhanced remyelination effect.

It’s the first step towards developing treatments that act like electricians - repairing the insulation that allows the electricity running our brain to work properly.

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