Assisted suicide article (woman with MS)

If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.
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Post by catfreak » 10 years ago

There is a video on about this.


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Post by MrsGeorge » 10 years ago

She lost the case. The high court won't guarantee not to prosecute him. That said i think about 140 people have now travelled to Dignitas from the Uk and although in each case it was investigated by the Crown Prosecution Service, charges againmst family members have never been brought.

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Post by Miss_Feisty » 10 years ago

This is an awful, yet interesting topic.

I am very open in my family and this has been brought up. Not only for the uncertainties MS can bring about, but for other conditions we can only have nightmares about.

No one wants to die, but we know that it will happen to everyone eventually. If we are good people and want to go with a little dignity then this would be our bow out gracefully.

I don't believe suicide is an option for depression. External help to cope is the option for depression.

When an animal is suffering unsurmountable pain, do we not find a way to relieve the suffering? Isn't that the right thing to do? A country can send soldiers who may kill for the good and protection of it's territory, yet allowing someone to make a choice about their own end is illegal. It is a contradictory system.

Food for thought.

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Post by robbie » 10 years ago

What you said is perfect for this topic miss feisty
Had ms for 24 years now.

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Post by Wonderfulworld » 10 years ago

It's such a "grey" area. No black or whites that I can see, although others would disagree I know.

I hate the thought of others deciding how much pain or suffering I should go through. I mean now, if I felt like it, I can go down that road. But if my MS were to leave me dependent on others I couldn't, at least not without help. That doesn't make ethical sense to me. As far as I can see limited euthanisia already exists to some humane degree in the medical professions, as in the case of pain relief during terminal illness, where higher doeses given to relieve pain will automatically hasten the death of a patient. Why are certain kinds of suffering helped and others not?

When I briefly hit EDSS 9 I have to admit I wanted to die. I needed cleaning, feeding, and I was in so much pain I could hardly sleep. I don't know how I'd feel now if I was to get near that again.

I also think the amount of physical limitations one has to deal with are unbearable to some, if acquired, wheras if you might have been born that way, you'd know no other way. One of my colleagues could not use their hands, yet regularly went out for drinks with people. He had no legs yet got into town quicker than me struggling to keep up with him - he used a motorised wheelchair. He had a terrific social life despite needing help with toileting; all things I'd find incredibly hard to adapt to. Yet Ive rarely me a smarter, livelier, more positive guy.

I suppose I am in favour of it but I sometimes wonder if a person had more support in their lives, perhaps in some other cases better treatment for depression, or maybe better support in their social settings, would they choose to go down this route? It's a really tough one...

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