If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.
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Post by cheerleader » 10 years ago

Hi flauten...

Welcome, from a fellow musician. Glad to read your headaches are lessoning. Are they any better/worse after practicing? I know the flute doesn't take much pressure, but we've been discussing Valsalva manuevers/straining and cerebral pressure on the CCVI thread. My husband's a trumpeter, and he's started making the connection.

Some relaxed, counted breathing exercises with an open throat might relieve some tension. Just a thought....
The playing of high-resistance wind and brass instruments such as the oboe, bassoon, French horn, and trumpet has been associated with increases in intraocular pressure and greater incidence of visual field loss. The Valsalva maneuver associated with high-resistance instrument playing is thought to be responsible, because it causes a rise in intrathoracic pressure and compression of the intrathoracic venous system. This leads to vascular engorgement, increased choroidal volume, and a rise in intraocular pressure. The cumulative effects of long-term intermittent intraocular pressure may result in glaucomatous damage.
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Post by flautenmusik » 10 years ago

I feel that I am lucky to be a flutist after all is said and done, because it is actually one of the more relaxed wind instruments. I can't imagine playing trumpet right now (half my face is numb).

I had a friend who had to stop playing oboe after a few retina surgeries stemming from her diabetes. The back pressure was too much for her eyes to take anymore. Broke her heart that she had to quit.

Back to my sinuses... I actually was not joking about the x-ray. My neuro has not mentioned my sinuses being inflamed, but then again, I didn't ask. I might mention it to him at my next appointment in a few weeks. I did have a scan done before by a ENT when I had an abscessed tonsil (yuk), and I know that he said my sinuses were fine then, but that was a little while ago.

I do find that I get some relief from pressing on my temples and squeezing the bridge of my nose.... so perhaps my sinuses are to blame!

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