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Snarky Website about TV

Post by Cheesy » Fri Nov 11, 2005 6:53 pm

Hi all,

Time to reveal my other favorite Website

It's a website featuring professional writers who write recaps of television shows and forums for discussing shows. It's a dual American/Canadian website so it focuses on shows from those countries but there are also threads for shows from other countries (like Sabado Gigante, New Zealand Idol, Queer as Folk)

Three warnings though:
1) The humor is very dark. For example: the thread about how disability is portrayed on television is called"Magical Cripples and their Life Lessons:Disability on TV". Racism, sexism, homophobia etc etc. is banned and flaming is forbidden. But if making fun of other people isn't your cup of tea stay far, far away.
2) The forums are very actively moderated so read and obey the FAQ's otherwise you will be booted with little or no warning.
3) The site is very addicting. I have watched some horrible TV over the years just so I could participate in the discussion about it.

I'm under a different name there so don't be surprised if the "Cheesy" there doesn't reply but fellow posters are generally pretty friendly to new people as long as you obey the rules.

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