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Starting Treatment

Post by surfbird » Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:51 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm 27 and have just been diagnosed with MS...sort of. I've been to a few different neurologists (1 regular, and 2 MS specialists), and 2 have said, "You need to accept that you have MS" and the 3rd said no, you have CIS based on not meeting the very specific criteria set forth to diagnose MS.

My first flare up happened on July 5th (numbness and tingling) and then on July 24th ON started and I still currently have issues with my vision. I guess that since the two episodes were 19 instead of 30 days apart, I can't be officially diagnosed with MS. Also, the 2 of the 3 lesions on my MRI are in the same location and the 3rd lesion caused my numbness and tingling, so my understanding is that my MRI also does not meet the criteria.

I feel so confused, but hopeful, after all of this. I know that with CIS and my varying symptoms I'm at a pretty high risk for developing MS full-on, if I don't already have it, so I am submitting my application to get started on Betaseron tomorrow. I'm the type of person where if I get another MRI in 3 months and it shows more lesions, I'll never forgive myself for not starting treatment sooner. I've got to admit, I am super scared of the drug, not because of needles, but the side effects...not looking forward to it one bit. I imagine that as scary as it is that I will adjust and it'll be no big deal after a couple of weeks.

All in all, I feel that if anyone can kick MS's ass, I have a pretty great shot. I'm an avid surfer and practice yoga, eat healthily and generally take good care of myself. My symptoms all got to a point about a week ago that I could get back in the water and it feels so good to move and be active again. I have a renewed commitment to activity, and generally my zest for life is greater than ever before. I want to spread that positivity all around these message boards :)

I'm really excited about this site, though I know everyone's experience is totally different. I have so many's nice to know I'm not alone.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a happy day/night where ever you are :)

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