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If CCSVI proves to be the cure for MS should Zamboni be made a saint?

yes-- 5 million miracles is the most ever.
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no-- science is not a miracle.
yes- because the other miracles were like this
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Hi All

Post by msscooter » Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:09 pm

Hi all
I've had SPMS since 2002-officially. weird unexplained stuff before that. EDSs 3.5 significantly better in the last 2 yrs! I've been on lisinopril that time (for HBP)- maybe it is helping. ( Google: Lawrence Steinman lisinopril) Otherwise I get solumedrol I call it granny speed.

I use a really cool scooter and cane . that keeps my spirits up in the mean time. (I like them because it gives the able bodied a way to talk to me normally)

I'm a science nerd- willing to take risk- but only in a proper clinical trial. That is the only way to really make progress for large numbers of patients.

I've just signed up for a stem cell study at UCSF. Nervous about the lumbar punch but willing to submit my body for torture if it helps find a cure. That includes a good clinical trial for CCSVI. Hoping Dr Dake takes me in his next study too. Will go to Buffalo -if I'm accepted there.

I've been inspired by the stories posted by the pioneers I've read about here.

Thanks You guys. SO MUCH.

looking for 5M miracles from Saint Zamboni's work.

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