ms regimen

Tell us what you are using to treat your MS-- and how you are doing.
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ms regimen

Post by basschick » Sun Apr 10, 2005 8:00 pm

:lol: Betaseron ( for the obvious), folic acid 3mg (lg dose) for severe pain from elbows down to hands. Neuro said nerve pain but not carpel tunnel or cubital tunnel. He says it is still out in the medical world whether or not it is caused by the MS or by the Interferon.

B12, L-carnitine (for fatigue), Provigil (for fatigue), milk thistle (for my liver), cranberry extract (bladder infections, it helps), and Acidopholous (for intestional health). Most of all a super large does of humor.

I think that so far I am doing okay.

The dr wanted me to take one of the anti seizure meds for the neuralgia in my face and eyes and back of head...but I refused. I only get it for a few weeks every few months. I'd rather just deal with it with some Ibuprophen (although it does not work entirely) than to be subjected to any more body destroying medicine.

The only reason I take the betaseron is because my legs and the fatigue were the first problems I had. I am a runner and the thought of not having my legs is very scary. The meds have slowed me down though quite a bit. The day after my shots my legs feel like lead. But at least I still feel my legs, and at least I can still run.....even if it is not as fast or as far as before. I am just greatful.


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