Highland woman underwent controversial stem cell treatment

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Highland woman underwent controversial stem cell treatment

Post by Melody » 13 years ago

Highland woman underwent controversial stem cell treatment

15/11/2005 16:45

A Highland woman who underwent controversial stem cell treatment in an effort to combat her multiple sclerosis says the procedure has enabled her to walk for the first time in more than five years.

Amanda Bryson traveled to the Netherlands in a wheelchair less than a week ago.....back home, she's now able to walk with limited support.

Only five days ago she traveled to a clinic in the Netherlands for controversial stem cell treatment confined to a wheelchair......Amanda has battled with multiple sclerosis since she was fourteen, but now she says she's making a rapid road to recovery.

The procedure involves taking stem cells from an umbilical cord which are then injected into the patient....it’s thought Amanda's the first person in Scotland to undergo the treatment.

She says she will never be fully cured of multiple sclerosis but hopes to continue to improve with physiotherapy and check-ups.

The procedure cost thirteen thousand pounds. Amanda's family were so determined she should have it the money was raised over eight weeks, with the bulk coming from the Kyle area where the family has connections.

In a statement tonight the Society said that MS is a very variable condition which affects people in different ways. In view of possible risks, they say great caution is needed when considering any unorthodox treatment which has not been subjected to rigorous trials and review.

But for Amanda, she feels the treatment has given her an improved quality of life which until now she says she could only have imagined.

http://northtonight.grampiantv.co.uk/co ... ewsid=7825
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