MS & Seizures

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MS & Seizures

Post by Mominamerica » 12 years ago

Is this common to have seizures? My husband has had 7 since March...begins with a very bad headache. He was diagnosed with MS 7 months ago. MS came out of no where... Seizures come out of no where... bad headaches are the only warnings...

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Post by leeeeeway » 12 years ago

Sorry to throw semantics at you but do you mean "seizures". I think of epilepsy when I hear that word and altho I have many, many MS symptoms I don't have epileptic-like seizures.

Your husband could have multiple remissions/exacerbations within the 6 months you mentioned or maybe it was one large one that never quite went away. MS is treacherous. It takes time to figure out how his symptoms will manifest.

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