My experiences w/tysabri so far is very positive!

A board to discuss the newly-released drug Tysabri, (formerly known as Antegren) as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis
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My experiences w/tysabri so far is very positive!

Post by Kzajoncz » 12 years ago

I had my 2nd infusion last week and I definately notice the difference in my symptoms.

After the first infusion, I had one great week of symptom relief. I went from about an 8 on the scale of symtoms and pain to about a 4. But as I said, it only lasted a week.

So I went to my 2nd infusion hoping for 2 good weeks. I didnt get the definitive relief, but I can honestly say I notice an overall improvement of my symptoms. I haven't needed my cane in over a month. I think tysabri is going to be awesome for me!


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Post by retired_at_40_01 » 12 years ago

Can you give your history with MS. ie: kind, when diagnosed, symtoms, work, basically everything.


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