Tysabri Financial Assistance Free Drug Program (Natalizumab)

This is Tysabri's page in a series providing information to patients on free, low-cost, or alternative methods to lower the price of access to important disease modifying therapies for Multiple Sclerosis. At list price, Tysabri is approximately $7000 USD per 15 mL dose. So any help in bringing that price down is welcome.

Tysabri is a medication for multiple sclerosis that has been proven to be effective in three primary ways:
  • Delaying the progression of physical disability
  • Reducing new lesion activity within the brain
  • Reducing relapses
For Tysabri, financial and insurance services are channeled through calling this phone number.


Their services include:
  • Benefit investigation to understand insurance coverage options
  • Insurance counseling
  • $0 Copay Program with no income requirements and no enrollment time limit for those who are eligible.
  • Infusion Copay Assistance for eligible patients
  • Free Drug Program for eligible patients in need
  • Free JCV testing
  • Support finding assistance through charitable organizations
As we see, for people with compatible insurance, a $0 copay program is available, including for infusion assistance. For people without insurance, a free drug program is available. In either case, patients must contact Biogen, Tysabri's drugmaker, by calling 1-800-456-2255.

All information is provided on a best-effort basis, and is subject to change at any time. We encourage you to visit the drugmaker's site for the most current information.