Is it MS? Opinions appreciated.

This is the place to ask questions if you have symptoms that suggest MS, but aren't yet diagnosed.
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Is it MS? Opinions appreciated.

Post by travelwanderer » 1 year ago

I'm a 37 year old male and am concerned about symptoms that may be related to MS.

As a side note, I haven't been diagnosed with anything, but an issue in my back that
appears I apparently have the back of a 60 year old for some reason and no real answer
as to what to do about that on an MRI of my spine.. and that I have low vitamin D. All of
my other blood tests come back as normal.

I've never actually even met anyone that has MS and my heritage all has dark hair and
dark eyes from eastern europe. As far as I am aware, nobody in my family ever had it.

I have dealt with a depression/anxiety my entire life as a side note..

Basically 'all of these symptoms' have been constant in the past 3 to 4 years.. they
haven't really gotten any worse, some have gotten better, some have stayed the same..

I don't really have flareups.. all of this remains constant.. it's basically a flatline of the
same type of activity. 'Daily'.. 365 days a year, every year.. no better, nor worse..

From what I've read, if I had primary MS, it would be all downhill quick and drastic.. and
if I had RRMS, these symptoms would come and go?

These symptoms all really just 'remain the same' and have for a few years now.. They
don't change and don't really get much better.. or worse.. They flucuate a little bit day
by day.. but not dramatically.. They just 'remain' day to day essentially and I've learned
to live with them..

I have worked out constantly, daily for the past 6 years and have unfortunately racked
up some conditions with my back and legs.. although I still lift heavy weights daily and
have seen absolutely no loss of dexterity or 'physical' loss of strength, coordination or
anything else in the gym.. While at the gym, I experience no physical issues of any kind.

I went to a neurologist that specializes in MS and she did all the physical tests and I
scored perfect, with absolutely not a single sign of physical or mental loss of clarity. I did
all the tests with walking, placing my fingers on precise areas, etc.. and essentially scored
a 100% is what she told me. As well, I took an EMG nerve test and passed without issue.

About 3 to 4 years ago, occassionally I would wake up from sleep to find that one of
my hands was asleep. This happened on both sides equally and started 'happening at
the same time'. Essentially one day I woke up with my right hand numb and the next
day I woke up with my left hand numb. Sometimes both at the same time.. Occasionally
this happens with my legs as well, but not as often.. left and right side equally. It's no better
or worse on either side.. Equal.

This only happens when I wake up to find them at an 'angle'. Such as when my arms are
off the side of the bed or in a strange angle with the pillow, etc..

This has continued to happen for the past several years and really hasn't gotten any worse
or better. I've learned to live with it.. but it does happen almost 'daily'.. which is why I have
such concern..

Also, occassionally about once every few weeks, only while laying down in bed, I
would feel a sharp spasm in one of my calves and have to stand up immediately and
shake it out to feel better. This happened alot more often 2 to 3 years ago, although
it now happens much more infrequently.. maybe once every few months, instead of
once every few weeks as the previous years.

If I am laying down in bed and hold my arms at an angle with my cell phone in hand,
usually either my left or right hand will eventually go numb and fall asleep. It's pretty
random, as to which side this happens on.. although if I do this for a few minutes, the
odds are high, it will eventually start feeling numb and I have to shake it out. This also
started happening at the same time.. left and right both and 'only' happens when my
arms and/or hands are in an odd angle. This never happens 'randomly'.

This has been a constant every day for a few years now. It does not seem to get worse,
although it does not seem to get better either. While holding my cell phone in my hands
for more than a few minutes, my right or left hand will go numb and 'fall alseep' essentially.
I have to shake it out.. and even when I do.. it's much more likely to go numb again in a
matter of seconds, unless I give my hands/arms a rest for awhile from holding my phone.

As well, if I 'grasp' certain objects, like a razor or anything else for more than a minute or
two, or if I have to write with a pencil, I start feeling pain and have to stop or switch hands..
This has remained a constant and only seems to happen with small objects.. It has not gotten
better or worse and is a constant day to day I've learned to live with. Started equally with
both hands.. left and right, same issues.. started at the same time for both of them..

Every day for the past few years, every 'single' morning, non-stop, I wake up feeling drunk..
essentially I wake up and feel like I've had 10 beers and end up stumbling to the bathroom
like a drunkard. Once I get my handle on things, I'm fine.. this started happening a few years
ago and happens to me every morning.. hasn't really gotten any worse.. sometimes it has
gotten better.. but it's definitely a constant day to day.. for many years now.. I've learned to
accept this as part of my morning routine and I'm usually fine within a minute or two..

Although this leaves me daily with the 'foggy' feeling in my head.. It doesn't matter if my
eyes or open or closed.. I still feel a 'foggy feeling' in my head.. so I'm not quite sure it has
to do with my vision (if I feel exactly the same with my eyes closed vs open)?

For the past few years, I've had a constant 'foggy mind'.. like there's a cloud of sorts in my
brain and I feel like I can't accomplish anything new.. I've dealt with depression my entire
life and it does seem to get better when I'm not depressed.. the more depressed I am, the
more I feel unable to get anything done and just want to lie in bed.. I am able to process
everything if I really want and have no problems with memory, directions, or being quick
on anything.. although this constant 'fog' makes me feel lazy and not want to actually do
any of the work I should be doing.. I wouldn't say I'm tired.. I just would rather lie in bed
than actually process or do anything that takes too much effort..

In terms of a sex drive.. it is rather low and I am on TRT replacement therapy.. don't really
have serious issues with arousal when on TRT.. yet without it, it can be an issue sometimes.

The only thing that came and went.. is a few months ago, all of a sudden I started to have
to use the restroom all the time.. Essentially I went to the restroom and within 15 to 30
minutes, I would have to go again. I had no problems holding it in and it only came out
when I wanted. I was able to control it completely.. and I was able to urinate each and
every time I felt the urge to go without problems.. this lasted for about a month and went
away and I'm fine at the moment.. I tested negative for UTI or STDs and the doctor had
no idea.. Luckily it went away.. hoping it doesn't come back?

So as one can see, I have many of the symptoms on the scorechart for MS.. which does
leave me for concern.. Anything that can set me at ease or should I be concerned?

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Re: Is it MS? Opinions appreciated.

Post by Snoopy » 1 year ago

Hi travelwanderer,

I believe I can set your mind at ease that you do not have Multiple Sclerosis :smile:

Multiple Sclerosis can cause numbness. However, the kind of numbness experienced by those with this disease is not positional, meaning it doesn't matter if we are sitting, lying down, or walking the numbness is still there. We are unable to shake off numbness, many times numbness in MS is permanent and never goes away.

You haven't said what kind of back problems you have, but back problems can cause Neurological symptoms including what you are experiencing. I would suggest learning more about your back problems, if surgery would help and if Physical Therapy(PT) would be beneficial.

Have you been to a Urologist about needing to urinate so often? Has anyone suggested prostrate problems? As a male this should be considered even at your age.

Foggy feeling can be due to many things. My first thought is medications. Make sure you research any medications and the side effects of what you currently take. It doesn't matter if the medication(s) has been taken for a short time or long time, if the side effect lists that might explain the fogginess then speak to your prescribing Dr. A sleep disorder might be another possibility. A sleep study could answer that.

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Re: Is it MS? Opinions appreciated.

Post by jimmylegs » 1 year ago

hi and welcome tw. not a diagnostician but i keyed in on your mention of daily workouts. does your diet exceed public health recommended intakes of essential nutrients, to account for your added requirements? if you don't know, a good first step could be to analyze your diet for compliance. step one log three days, two at work one at home.if not applicable, log three representative days that can be scaled up to approximate a typical week. food fluids supplements meds, everything that goes in.
take control of your own health
pursue optimal self care at least as actively as a diagnosis
ask for referrals to preventive health care specialists eg dietitians
don't let suboptimal self care muddy any underlying diagnostic picture!

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