Greetings again after a long time

This is the place to ask questions if you have symptoms that suggest MS, but aren't yet diagnosed.
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Greetings again after a long time

Post by Happymama » Sun May 21, 2017 10:40 am

Hi All. First posted as Happymama in about 2009 but can't find them.

I had electric shocks in one foot at the time. Into the toes and agonisingly painful. On, off, no tapering. Been going on for years. I also had numbness in one leg, and lots and lots of twitching of fingers and toes over the time. Also buzzing when dozing. I get the electric shocks in my face too, thankfully only once for a morning in April 2010. That was the second occurrence of symptoms.

I had full bloods done (all normal) before a 2.5 Tesla MRI on my head and neck. The Neurologist PROMISED he'd find out what was wrong with me, and six weeks later an acolyte half my age was telling me that there's nothing wrong with me and to see my GP about the symptoms.

Yes, really.

Two months ago I had the toe shocks and suddenly and without warning this spread to the other toes and both wrists! My right wrist then was followed up with a red hot crossbow bolt through it.

The cold foot thing has each time it's happened crept a few inches up my leg. Last time it was mid thigh. One or two times more and it'll be my whole leg. The numbness is partial and lasts about half an hour usually.

Thing is, on Mothering Sunday I was just walking across my living room when a ruddy great muscle in my back went into spasm. It was so tight that breathing felt like a broken rib.(I've had broken ribs before) and sneezing was agonising. It took three days to get to full movement, and six to get to pain free.

Yesterday I tried to stretch and all the upper back muscles between and above and below my shoulder blades locked up. I couldn't move my arms for an hour, it hurt so much. It took two to gently exercise the muscles to relax, and I then took Brufen, stuck my trainers on and went for a long walk. It's still a bit stiff but much better.

Anyone else think that getting muscular spasms randomly is an extension of getting electric shocks, losing control of fingers (makes typing challenging and I'm a touch typist!) and going numb?

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