steroid questions

If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.
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steroid questions

Post by jerrygallow » Wed Apr 01, 2015 5:35 pm

I haven't taken these things since 2007 and I hated them then. They didn't really do much. But, I woke up with optic neuritis out of the blue, and in three days I lost about three years of progress in my vision. No changes in how I felt, stress level, diet, nothing. The only thing I did differently was take probiotics, which I am convinced did it. I took a probiotic yeast called sachromycees boulardii along with general lacto...blah blah (I'm normally dairy free). I just read an article linking yeast to autoimmune disease. I am now convinced this is my problem. It's amazing how I took a few doses last fall and started seeing halos at night. I asked about it here, and got no responses with similar experiences. I stopped supplements for a while. Eye doc can't find anything wrong. I started up again, hoping to cure some digestion problems, and wham, within three or four days, biggest flareup of vision I've had. ... -diseases/

But my questions are these: does IV steroids hurt gut bacteria? 2. When you get steroids, do you feel better right away. I feel worse. My vision is worse. I can tell no benefit at all. The only reason I take them is the studies show they are supposed to help. (back of my mind is what if my "MS" is some sort of viral infection and I am making things worse. My presentation has always been atypical). I read about people feeling so great after these things. Should I discontinue if I don't get that benefit? 3. I'll try again, anybody else have the halos around lights and glare effect? Anybody else have bad experiences taking yeast or probiotics? Thanks

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Re: steroid questions

Post by Kronk » Wed Apr 01, 2015 7:03 pm

That's a tough break Jerry, with all you do to thwart MS I understand your frustration. I live much like a monk in my religious devotion to Gym, Supplements and Swank Diet and last year I had a patch of skin on my shin go numb for a couple months. You start questioning everything in the regimen and if the sacrifices made are worth it. I blame my relapse on Acacetin99 (an anti-aromatase product), a high dose of Vit C and D-Aspartic acid... I was trying to increase testosterone as a part of my regimen.

To the steroids specifically... Methylprednisolone or solumedrol is occasionally used to combat bacterial infections, but typically used in oral tablets not IV. I wouldn't think that they directly affect gut bacteria directly but anything that combats bacteria isn't generally selective.

Solumedrol and other Corticosteroids work by preventing or reducing inflammation and can close the damaged blood-brain barrier and some of the medicine can reach the CNS. How much drug gets to the affected area, how quickly the body metabolizes it, how large the BBB damage is, and how active the lesion in the CNS is will all determine how effective the drugs are. I have also read that after the first use of steroids future uses will not be as effective. Like the body builds up resistance to them or something.

I had several relapses in my first year of MS. I ignored the first relapse, took oral prednisone (which did nothing except make me look like zombie) for the second, and then IV solumedrol for eye issues twice in 6 months. The first round of Solumedrol worked in days, literally i went from near blind to perfect vision in 2 sleeps. The second relapse affecting my eyes 6 months later was much worse. I did a total of 3 weeks on solumedrol 3 sets of 5 days of treatment. 1st set did nothing, mid way through the second set both eyes recovered to near 100% but then my right eye got worse and the 3rd session did nothing. I figure its like dumping a bucket of water on a fire... how much water... how big is the fire... and did you miss it entirely...

If you feel your gut bacteria needs a boost you may want to look into something more drastic like an FMT. I often wonder how effective pro-biotics are being that they sit in a jar for weeks or months before consumption.

Best of Luck!

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