Important info if you consume 'roasted' nuts

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Important info if you consume 'roasted' nuts

Post by ElliotB » Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:55 am

If you buy and consume regular roasted nuts, be aware - ROASTED nuts are actually fried with oil which adds bad fats to a food that is already high in fat and also typically always have a lot of salt added as well - ONLY dry roasted nuts are not fried.

The two safest nuts to consume (health wise) may be Macadamia nuts and Chestnuts. FWIW, most nuts have the 'wrong' fat content and have other nutritional issues, and depending on who you ask, the opinion of which are healthiest varies greatly.

IF you are going to consume nuts, RAW or dry roasting RAW nuts yourself is a much better option than store bought. Roasting nuts can be as easy as putting them on a baking tray and baking them at 350° for a short period of time in a regular oven. I have an inexpensive counter top air fryer and tried some in it and they came out excellent in every way!

Dry roasted nuts done at home have a shorter shelf life than commercially available products especially if you don't add salt (which acts as a preservative) and since they taste so good freshly roasted anyway, you will probably want to do them in small batches anyway. I have dry roasted Macadamia, chestnuts and pistachios and they taste incredible and are really enjoyable when still slightly warm! Since I am such a bland, narrow diet, these are a real treat for me.

I just started dry roasting my own nuts this weekend for the first time and plan to do enough at a time to last about a week. According to the all knowing internet, "Roasting causes changes to the cell microstructure that can accelerate lipid oxidation and rancidity." I have no idea how long home dry roasted nuts will last when refrigerated.

You may find this article informative:

Secrets the Nut Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Here is a link: ... t-you-know

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