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ThisIsMS Forum Styles

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:16 am
by NHE
The phpBB software that the forum is based on can use a number of different styles. The styles are similar to application skins in that they change the appearance of the forums, but still allow full access to the functionality of the site.

ThisIsMS has several styles already installed. To access them and try them out, open the User Control Panel, click on the Board preferences tab, scroll down and select the various styles from the My board style dropdown and click Submit. The page should automatically reload after a few seconds with the new style applied.

Try the various styles and then come back to this post to vote in the poll to let us know which style you prefer. In addition, there's a style called Allan Style Subsilver that we are considering. Regular forum members will recognize it as it has a similar appearance to the style we used prior to the recent upgrade. Clicking on the link in the poll will load an external demo site for the Subsilver style. After trying out some of the features and kicking the tires a bit, come back and vote for the Allan Style Subsilver option if you would like to have that style installed as an option for the ThisIsMS forums.