What is MS?

If it's on your mind and it has to do with multiple sclerosis in any way, post it here.
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What is MS?

Post by gristy56 » Sat Feb 23, 2019 7:00 am

For me MS is iron overload which can be inherited at birth. It is the body's attempt to oxidise this that forms magnetite. Narrow veins throughout the body make the rate of chelation inadequate. The body stores this, principally in the liver and spleen but it also appears in large quantity in the veins of the shoulders. They are like a ninety degree bend on a fast moving river. They are magnetic and molecules attract others and hence a large deposit is formed here.
When we reach our teens, particularly women, and start to use an electric hairdryer, we degauss our shoulders and the magnetite enters the blood in an avalanche. Some thus enters the brain but cannot escape because the veins from the brain flow into the veins from the shoulders and there is insufficient vacuum to do this. So, instead magnetosomes like in the picture I sent you, are formed, and the damage due to tiny electromagnetic fields at powerline frequency at night while we sleep can occur.

The length of these magnetosomes is probably due to the quantity of the overload. The angle they subtend with the myelin while we sleep is the angle of 'dip' of the Earths magnetic field, since being magnetic they follow this exactly. Towards the poles of the Earth, the vibration and hence the wear is greatest because their effective weight is greatest, just like a pneumatic road drill, which is most effective when held close to vertical. At the equator they lie on their sides because the Earth's magnetic field is parallel to the horizon. It's like the pneumatic road drill held horizontally and can't make a hole in the road.

The quantity of overload, if inherited, is much more for those decended from the Vikings since they were considered to have a much higher iron intake from the diet. This accounts for much of the magnetite overload in certain regions and countries around the globe. This is true of the Scottish race, where MS is about 4X the national incidence of the UK as a whole. Like Scandanavia and the Western Isles of Scotland which are at a high lattude as well. True of Canada too. Further north the trend does not continue because the night time stray magnetic fields that cause de myelinationn are not present because thankfully ther are no power stations at these lattitudes! If there were, heaven help'em! Did you know that 12 of the UK's 13 Power Stations are sited in the Highlands of Scotland. Need I say more!

There are many many people around the world who are fortunate not to have MS because their iron overload is firmly stored in all its sites in their bodies. It may well be the reason for their eventual demise in old-age. Iron overload of which magnetite is just one example is stated by all writers as 'terminal' without phlebotomy. Magnetite is slightly different because of it's magnetic properties. These are both an advantage and a disadvantage. The negative side is that because they are magnetic, they are attracted to eachother and form the chains of 20 to 30 molecules, called magnetosomes, that align with the Earth's magnetic field. They are presumably not longer than this because of the fast moving blood flow. Very close to the myelin and in some sites, walls of veins the blood flow is much slower due to laminar flow. The advantage of magnetite is that these chains are very easily broken up again into composite molecules with larger electromagnetic fields. They will again flow in the blood.
This will be true on a random basis when using an electric hairdrier, if the body of the hairdrier is brought near to the scalp even for an instant, magnetosomes will be broken up and returned to the bloodstrem. This may therefore cause remission in MS, again more common in women. This I call 'degaussing' because as single molecules they are regarded as 'ferrimagnetic' and only have a very weak magnetic field, just sufficient to cause attraction to eachother. In their composite form of a chain of molecules the overall field is much higher and are ferromagnetic like a bar magnet which means they are attracted to iron as metal as well. This is one reason for steel wirewool in the pillow at night to draw these away from the brain and sleeping on a steel sprung mattress to even them out in the bloodstream.

Attraction to the walls of veins or the myelin is why phlebotomy alone cannot work because blood is removed but some magnetite will be left behind. This could probably be resolved if the patient is subject to an appropriate magnetic field at the same time to ensure all magnetite is in the blood. Better still if the blood was filtered for magnetite 'en vivo' and pumped directly back into the bloodstream. That way, magnetite could probably be eliminated from the body in a few short hours. End of MS! We are way off convincing the 'powers that be' that this is the solution. With a private GP, I have tried this on a small scale for a few minutes, taking blood from one arm and allowing it to enter the other arm by means of gravity by holding one arm higher than the other to produce a pressure gradient. A glass tube intervening was loosely wrapped in steel wirewool. This worked well when one arm was lifted and flow commenced with the blood in the tube turning darker and darker in colour as expected when attracted to the walls of the tube.
So de myelination depends on the quantity of magnetite and the lattitude of the Earth where the patient lives. The quantity of magnetite may be very complex since it may be inhereted or ingressed from the diet. It almost certainly depends if we can trace our inheritance to the Vikings, Scotland is the perfect example. The third factor is the quantity of electromagnetic field around us at night to cause magnetosomes to vibrate. As a very rough guide, this will follow the population density, since electricity used is roughly the same for each individual, but the siting of Power stations is likely to affect this.


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Re: What is MS?

Post by frodo » Mon Mar 18, 2019 10:20 am

The iron overload theory does not fit with reports about EBV virus correlation. Last research points in other way, towards the viral theory.

It seems that EBV infected B-cells are not properly controlled by the immune system of the MS patients. After being taken over by EBV, those B-cells become abnormal and segregate some kind of toxic substance. That substance unknown by now, but it is known to exist, because B-cells from MS patients can kill oligodendrocytes in vitro.

Microglia, which are the immune cells from the brain, get activated somehow and produce demyelination, but this happens later in the picture.

Here is a review, with links to the relevant primary research papers.

Pathogenic Mechanisms Associated With Different Clinical Courses of Multiple Sclerosis


Most evidence from pathological studies suggests that demyelination and neurodegeneration in MS is driven by the inflammatory cells, but that these processes are not directly induced by cellular contacts. In addition, plaque like primary demyelination is a specific feature of MS, not seen in other inflammatory conditions of the brain and spinal cord with the exception of diseases with viral infection of oligodendrocytes.

Evidence from expanding cortical lesions and slowly expanding white matter lesions suggest that demyelination and neurodegeneration is driven by an MS specific soluble factor, produced by inflammatory cells, which induces tissue damage either directly or indirectly through microglia activation, and that this soluble factor may be produced by B-cells from MS patients, but not from controls.

To identify the molecular nature of this soluble factor will be instrumental for our understanding of MS pathogenesis.

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Re: What is MS?

Post by gristy56 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:24 am


If what you say is correct, then I bow to your superior knowledge, and I do not have MS. But, the fact is that I am better each day with my self prescribed treatment after more than 30 years with progression. I was first diagnosed by MRI at Queen Square in London after other likely causes to both visual and balance problems had been considered and eliminated. That was in 1987 when MRI was only just starting to come on line. I have since been examined again in Castellon, Spain, again by MRI, and the same diagnosis made. That was in 2007. My condition continued to worsen until in 2015 I was bedridden.

Now, still in bed, only because of the house design, I can stand and make my way to the bathroom using the back of a chair for support, without assisstance or fear of falling down the qurry tiled stairs.

If some complex bio-chemistry is or has taken place in the past, then we are totally in the hands of 'the experts' and should give up trying to help, but some higher power is leading me, so I will, of course, continue!

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Re: What is MS?

Post by ElliotB » Tue Mar 19, 2019 11:56 am

There are many, many theories about what MS is caused by, and probably well over 40 'cures' but there is no single theory/cure that doesn't have inconsistencies and certainly not one that has been proven. But Gristy56's proposal makes reasonable sense IMHO. Probably more sense than many/most of all of the other theories. But like all theories, there is no way to know if his or any of the others is correct. For $10, and a small amount of time it worth consideration? I think so, because you never know...

What explanation can anyone offer for Gristy56's improvement? His case is certainly unusual. Only a few others with advanced stages of MS have been able to achieve improvements. I myself have had some specific improvement after using the device he presents. I began using it about six months ago. And I am thankful that I have maintained the improvements I experienced and continue to use the device on a daily basis. And am hopeful to have other improvements in the future.

I do understand why people don't try his device. So again, I will state that for $10, and a small amount of time it should be worth consideration - because you never know...

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