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Rub shoulders with the 'Desatascador'

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 11:36 pm
by gristy56
If you have tried the Desatascador to reduce your MS, may I recommend, once again, that you pay particular attention to your shoulders. Once the device is properly 'conditioned', you will be able to hear magnetite when the rotating head is passed over any part of your body. It may also be more obvious if you rotate the handle so the protuding 'pin' is facing away from you.
Then after a few seconds drag the device rapidly to above the kidneys either side of the aorta for maximising chelation. Repeat this many times and you will hear the level of magnetite reducing. For more information about this very effective device, read my post entitled - 'Desatascador complete in eight parts' This is all previously posted info. but in one document with typos removed!