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2020 Feb 22
Division of Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology, Department of Neurology, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Mercury-induced Autoimmunity: Report of Two Adolescent Siblings With Morvan Syndrome "Plus" and Review of the Literature ... iterature/


Heavy metal toxicity is a global health concern. Mercury intoxication has been implicated in the etiology and pathogenesis of autoimmune disease, including Morvan syndrome. We describe two siblings with overlapping features of distinct autoimmune syndromes following accidental exposure to elemental mercury. Morvan syndrome was the predominant clinical phenotype. In addition to the characteristic anti-leucine-rich glioma-inactivated protein 1 (LGI1) and anti-contactin-associated protein-like 2 (Caspr2) autoantibodies, glutamic acid decarboxylase 65-kilodalton isoform (GAD65), and N-type and P/Q-type voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) antibodies were detected. Treatment with chelation therapy, glucocorticoids, and intravenous immunoglobulin was unsuccessful, but complete resolution of symptoms was achieved following treatment with rituximab. Herein, we perform an extensive review of the literature with a focus on the emerging concepts of mercury-induced autoimmunity and the role of mercury in the etiopathogenesis of autoimmune diseases of the nervous system.

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