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Life after pulse roids

Posted: Tue May 22, 2007 12:17 pm
by rc_boro
In a few weeks I have a follow up with my neurologist. This will mark a year since I switched to him and he changed my meds to Avonex with pulse Solu-medrol every month. I feel that my current therapies are benefiting me significantly when compared to my disease activity prior to changing therapies . He mentioned previously that he would order the pulse roids for a year or two. In case he does not order another year of pulse roids I was wondering what I could possibly expect. What experiences have others here have had when coming off of pulse roids i.e. disease activity and such? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Posted: Tue May 22, 2007 12:48 pm
by syckbastid
I was on Avonex for a year following the attack that led to my diagnosis. I had no relaspes while on Avonex, and have not had one in the year and a half since I stopped.

I took a 3 day steriod pulse every four months for 2 years, and now have one every six months. My regiment is different from yours since it's not monthly, but I can tell you that I've haven't had an attack nor experienced a worsening of symptoms since extending the period between pulses.

I had an MRI late last year, and many of my brain legions had cleared, and the one on my spine shriveled like a raisin.

I credit my improving health to dietary changes, supplements, weight lifting and cardio routines, and luck. Make sure to supplement with calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium to protect your bones from the riods. Weightlifting also increases bone density.