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Thyroid pre-MS and Campath

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 2:12 pm
by CassidySS
Happy New Year All,

I was wondering whether anyone here has had an underactive/overactive thyroid independent of their MS and still pursued treatment via Lemtrada - how have your experiences been?

I have Hashimoto's (underactive thyroid) and am worried about completely screwing up my thyroid / or thyroid cancer with this treatment course. I am curious to hear about your experiences.



Re: Thyroid pre-MS and Campath

Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 10:42 am
by Anunymouse
I've been on thyroid replacement since I was 25. My current Dr made me go through a nuke scan which shows that I have almost no thyroid anymore, and what is there doesn't do much. I don't know if the autoimmunity killed the gland or it's always just been tiny. But what little it does produce I might as well have had it removed in the first place. The day to day doesn't change with it or without it, you're still on the pills. Theres no way to really screw it up further than it already is. Once you're hypo, you're hypo. As the gland does less you increase the dosage of your replacement, nothing else to be done. You don't get any wetter falling in the lake the second time.

Thyroid cancer is one of the easiest treated cancers with a high survival rate that you can get. It's close to 100%. Cancer is scary, and the risk is there, but the risk is pretty low imo. At least for me.