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Is Myrbetriq/Betmiga any good for MS overactive bladder?

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:58 am
by dc10

I had botox in the bladder 5 monthsago but it is wearing off now
so i am going to take a medicine until my next botox, which should be January/February

Before i used to take 1x 60mg TROSPIUM before bed, but my nurse said there another drug i might want to try called Betmiga 50mg once daily.

Has anyone tried Myrbetriq / Betmiga 50mg once daily?

if so, how do you find it? how are the side effects>?
is it as effective as Trospium 60mg daily?
would yousay it allows you to pee less than the other drugs?
my problem is urge incontinence and frequent urination