Current advancements in promoting remyelination in multiple sclerosis

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Current advancements in promoting remyelination in multiple sclerosis

Post by CureOrBust » Sun Sep 22, 2019 6:01 am

The thing I like about this paper, is that it was published 2019. But it was submitted Aug 2018. If I understand it correctly, its based on a search across PubMed & such, so nothing "new", but it saves a lot of time searching. I was wondering what was happening with anti-LINGO-1.
Current advancements in promoting remyelination in multiple sclerosis

David Kremer, Rainer Akkermann, Patrick Küry and Ranjan Dutta

Abstract: Current multiple sclerosis (MS) therapies are effective in reducing relapse rate, short-term measures of disability, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) measures of inflammation in relapsing remitting MS (RRMS), whereas in progressive/degenerative disease phases these medications are of little or no benefit. Therefore, the development of new therapies aimed at reversing neurodegeneration is of great interest. Remyelination, which is usually a spontaneous endogenous process, is achieved when myelinproducing oligodendrocytes are generated from oligodendrocyte precursor cells (OPCs). Even though these precursor cells are abundant in MS brains, their regeneration capacity is limited. Enhancing the generation of myelin-producing cells is therefore a major focus of MS research. Here we present an overview of the different advancements in the field of remyelination, including suitable animal models for testing remyelination therapies, approved medications with a proposed role in regeneration, myelin repair treatments under investigation in clinical trials, as well as future therapeutics aimed at facilitating myelin repair.
Search criteria:
Online literature search for this review was performed with and using parameters such as the respective drug or compound name in conjunction with the keywords “neural stem cell,” “oligodendroglia,” “oligodendroglial precursor cell,” “myelin,” and “remyelination.” The clinical trials discussed in this review were checked for their current status on
The full paper is available at the following link. ... 8518800827

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