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It's a good thing if u can laugh at urself

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:20 pm
by ljelome
Hi! just want to share u my experience w/ MS daily challenge.

Since i got diagnosed w/ MS in 2010, i really saddened by the reality that it is incurable n the symptomps i have has turn my world up side down.

Yes, i was really sad, but sad only got me worse. U know who'll get the last laugh if u sad? the devil..Oh yeah, and i don't want him to get it...No, i will be the one who is laughing out loud first until the end.

Then i started to change my point of view about my disability.

Whenever i walk, i walk like a drunken master u know...hahaha.. and i need to hold on to something or someone wherever i go. So when i walk to a service in my church, most people would see me having difficulties in climbing the stairs. I used to feel awkward n ashamed of myself. But now rather than feeling ashamed, i prefer to see me as a VIP person. How can it be? Yes it can, i get the nearest seat to the entrance n exit way (a priority seat). And if i walk, most people would notice my balance n walking issue n they will make a way for me....Oh yeah, it does feel like being treated as a VIP person.hahaha

Another thing is whenever i wet my bed at night, i used to cry n feel so ashamed. But now, i'm grateful that i can still pee, emptying my bladder, rather than having a urine retention which can lead me to having a bladder infection. So now, i laugh whenever it happens, coz it's one of thing that i should thank God for.

So, what ever challenge u are having with MS, don't be sad, but try to laugh at it. Don't let the devil laugh at us n steal our joy of living.

U could replace low dose naltrexone u use then with laugh daily now (LDN). More endorphin produced as we laugh and it is a very powerful medicine.

God bless u all....

Re: It's a good thing if u can laugh at urself

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:28 pm
by blossom
ljelome, i love what you say and attitude.

indeed wetting the bed is better than not peeing freely. kinda gives you a warm feeling all over. "for a while at least"

yes, laughter is good medicine.

have a great day!

Re: It's a good thing if u can laugh at urself

Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:56 pm
by ljelome
Dear blossom,

Thank u. I wrote it to remind myself too. I'm just a human, i still get sad for what i lost n can not do anymore. But my husband always reminds me to have a grateful heart for what i have n what i can still do. Also whenever i get sad there always another party who will be so glad. And then i start to change my point of view. But, it's not an easy thing to do though. I still get sad sometimes, but not for a long time.

Thank u for your words.