Mom with MS lives in US, I'm in Canada

For questions on how to support loved ones with MS.
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Mom with MS lives in US, I'm in Canada

Post by Courtenay » Tue May 03, 2011 4:19 pm

Okay, a little back story I guess...

My mom was diagnosed with MS in 2007, although the doctors have told her she likely has had it for 20 years. Unfortunately on top of MS, she also has Fybomyalgia. She is 48 this year, and while it isn't progressing quickly, the medication she is on is what is worrying me the most.

She came up to visit us (my twin sister, me, and my brother) for a week. She stayed at my and my fiancé's house mostly. She and her husband are really wanting to move up here to British Columbia. They currently live in WA. She has had landed immigrant status before when she was married to my father, VJ has not.

My mommy is gone again back to the US today.

I miss her so much. Her medication makes her so drowsy that she has fainting spells and randomly falls asleep. Twice she has broken something when she falls asleep. Once she broke her nose when she fell asleep on her couch and smashed her face on to her coffee table. She broke her tail bone when she was visiting my sister Nikki in Missouri. She went downstairs late at night to get some ice cream, and then fell asleep standing up, and she fell flat on her butt and broke her tail bone.

I am so scared that she's gonna fall asleep like that again but it will be much much worse. For that reason I moved my coffee table out of the way of her sleeping because it's glass (she sleeps upright in a chair mostly because she says it's more comfortable for her). VJ (her husband) woke up to see her face pressed against my fiancé's computer. She wasn't hurt or anything, but it scares me. She almost fell asleep when she was talking to me while she was holding my 8 month old son.

My stepdad works nights driving taxi to make ends meet, and there isn't anyone else at the house when he's working so having her home by herself at night frightens me. She accidentally overdosed on medications before and was hospitalized for it, although she refuses to admit it was an overdose. She was hallucinating, she was shaking, you name it. She used to be an in-home caregiver, and now she needs someone to care for her. And I don't even have a passport to go across the border to visit her.

I'm worried that the Government of Canada won't allow them to immigrate to Canada because she may be considered a burden on the Health Care system. Makes it so much harder now that Harper was just elected a majority government on Monday. :( The first victim of his government will be our Health Care.

Oh please oh please, let them move up here.

Is there anyone else in my family's situation that can offer any advice?

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Post by jimmylegs » Tue May 03, 2011 7:36 pm

hi and welcome, courtenay.

i'm afraid i don't have much xp with your situation sorry.

all i can really offer is nutritional support if you're interested. i can help fine tune when docs say all levels are "normal"

i am aware of suspect nutrients in ms and fibromyalgia.

if you are interested i'm happy to help.

lots of support here on the forum. if ever you do not get a response to a posted question, try general discussion for more readership.

again, welcome :)

take control of your own health.
pursue optimal self care, with or without a diagnosis.

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