Micronutrients and Brain Health

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Micronutrients and Brain Health

Post by NHE » Wed Oct 01, 2014 10:10 pm

Micronutrients and Brain Health is a recent book in the CRC Press series Oxidative Stress and Disease. It's a collection of densely written review articles that discuss how micronutrients affect brain health. The articles cover a variety of topics including lipoic acid, flavanoids such as EGCG and fisetin, omega-3 fatty acids, branched chain amino acids, Nrf2 activators and others. The lead editor is Lester Packer who has published several papers on lipoic acid. Note that the book is a bit pricey through CRC though it's about half price on Amazon (and 1/3 the cost for used). I obtained it through my local library's interlibrary loan program. Overall, it's a great book for anyone with a science background. The table of contents is listed below.
  • Neuroprotection after Cardiac Arrest by Avoiding Acute Hyperoxia and by Antioxidant Genomic Postconditioning

  • The Neuroprotective Role of Micronutrients in Parkinson’s

  • Phytoestrogens and Brain Health

  • Food Antioxidants and Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Micronutrient Antioxidants, Cognition, and Neuropathology: A Longitudinal Study in the Canine Model of Human Aging

  • Excitatory Amino Acids, S-nitrosylation, and Protein Misfolding in Neurodegenerative Disease: Protection by Memantine and NitroMemantine at NMDA-Gated Channels

  • Cognitive and Behavioral Consequences of Iron Deficiency in Women of Reproductive Age

  • Micronutrient Needs of the Developing Brain: Priorities and Assessment

  • Therapeutics of Alzheimer’s Disease Based on Metal Bioavailability

  • Lipoic Acid as a Novel Treatment for Mild Cognitive Impairment and Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Zinc and the Cytoskeleton in Neuronal Signaling

  • Tocotrienol Neuroprotection: The Most Potent Biological Function of All Natural Forms of Vitamin E

  • Fruits, Nuts, and Brain Aging: Nutritional Interventions Targeting Age-Related Neuronal and Behavioral Deficits

  • Modulation of Multiple Pathways Involved in the Maintenance of Neuronal Function

  • Dietary Flavonoids as Neuroprotective Agents

  • Actions of Bioactive Phytochemicals in Cell Function and Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology

  • Does Ginkgo biloba Extract Exert an Effect on Alzheimer’s Disease Progression

  • Green Tea Polyphenols Protect Neurons against Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease

  • Transport of Flavonoids into the Brain

  • Prevention and Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases by Spice-Derived Phytochemicals

  • Neurohormetic Properties of the Phytochemical Resveratrol

  • Sirtuin and Resveratrol

  • Acetyl-l-Carnitine and Ferulic Acid Action in Aging and Neurodegenerative Diseases

  • Evidence Required for Causal Inferences about Effects of Micronutrient Deficiencies during Development on Brain Health: DHA, Choline, Iron, and Vitamin D

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Brain Function in Older People

  • Iron and Monoamine Oxidase in Brain Function and Dysfunction: Development of Neuroprotective-Neurorescue Drugs

  • Antioxidative Defense of Brain Microglial Cells

  • Branched-Chain Amino Acids and Brain Metabolism

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Re: Micronutrients and Brain Health

Post by ElliotB » Wed Oct 01, 2014 10:33 pm

Dr. Wahls' newest book, The Wahls Protocol, deals with this subject in an non-technical approach.

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