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Post by ExtremeMS » Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:28 pm

Mods why do I keep getting banned from here?

I take it because you think I am advertising something? As you say here ... tml#p11742

I am 100% not advertising anything and I have nothing to do with the site in question, I was asking for advice from the community and I just get banned.

I very much have MS and have had it for 3+ years and I am currently on copaxone - It feels like I am being pushed out of the community for no reason.

I wish someone would PM me and ask me or tell me before banning my accounts, you can see I am very genuine, and if I am doing something wrong by asking for advice it could of just been explained to me what it was I was doing wrong.

If you still do not believe me I can also attach my MS letter?

I am feeling really hard done by here

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