Wave-like symptoms in head...

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Re: Wave-like symptoms in head...

Post by BlaineM » Sat Sep 23, 2017 9:45 am

Hello Cathy, I too am new to here, I was just diagnosed last week. I have a sensation like someone is holding a wet ice bag on the right side of my face, is totally random, comes and goes. The very little I know is that it manifests itself many different ways in many different people. Kind of the more I know the more i know I don't know. :-D That sensation led me to a neurologist that led to a MRI that led to a spinal tap to diagnosis. We are presently exploring different treatment options that led me here. Best wishes.

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Re: Wave-like symptoms in head...

Post by Unemployed » Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:01 am

THANK you. I am undiagnosed for 8 years of seeing doctor but probably more. I have had the wave for years. The first time I mentioned it to my doctor he brushed me off, as it became more pronounced over the years with other symptoms he told me the wave is not part of MS or PD but I was sent to third neurologist who said anything is possible. All symptoms point to MS but tests over years always come back negative. The wave is still here and it is damn scary

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Re: Wave-like symptoms in head...

Post by wilko » Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:14 pm

Hi, I know this is an old thread but I am just wondering if there was a diagnosis as I have been having the same - basically if I am sat down on setee or lying in bed, so not anxious, probably more lethargic to be honest, then a wave comes over me, sometimes just in my head but mainly other times from my body up to my head, the mild ones I don't bother about now but the big ones can make me bolt up/sit up and worry what they are, it's almost like the big waves are trying to make me drowsy, knock me out or something like that.
Anyway - Hello I am new :) but any useful feedback on what it may be would be appreciated.

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Re: Wave-like symptoms in head...

Post by ElCIE » Tue Mar 26, 2019 6:27 am

Wave in brain sensations.

To Kathy.
You are the first person I have ever heard of that has brain waves like I too have.
I really thought I was the only one!
No Drs have been able to give me an answers as to why.
You are right. They are a nuisance and debilitating. I too close my eyes when they are intense. Not to mention, there's no driving when I get these.
Please, if you ever find out anything about them, let me know.
Thank you for posting about it.

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Re: Wave-like symptoms in head...

Post by BigDaddy » Tue May 07, 2019 2:55 am

I also experience this horrible symptom together with pins and needles in my head.

I think it is partly extreme stress, but also clearly a nerve problem somewhere and possibly related to the brain fog so many MS sufferers experience. I’ve been suffering from it on a permanent 24/7 basis for almost 4 years now along with pins and needles in my entire head.

The one thing I have discovered that brings relief in my case is an intense neck/back of head massage with lavender oil. With so many muscles in spasm, particularly in the head and neck, it stands to reason that this is going to cause unpleasant sensations in your head.

I’m bald, so you can actually see that my scalp is incredibly tight. I have two large grooves right at the front of my head, just above my forehead and directly in the middle. I also have other lumps and ridges in my scalp that weren’t there previously. I can actually feel them with my fingers.

I tried using marijuana to provide relief from it, but it just makes it worse. A neck massage really does have a profound effect on it and also provides relief in my legs in particular. It’s one thing that makes me believe there might be something in the CCSVI procedure that has worked for some MS sufferers. In my case, there does seem to be a direct correlation between stimulating neck and head muscles and relief in other parts of the body.

If there is some kind of issue with restricted blood flow in that area, I guess this does make sense and it’s something I am looking closely at. This is the problem with MS and why I believe there isn’t a definitive cure. While there are some symptoms that seem to be universal, so many people suffer in different ways. There are probably people whose symptoms are so bad they are confined to a wheelchair, but they possibly don’t experience the symptoms in their head that myself and the person who started the thread do.

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