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Re: Undiagnosed

Post by jimmylegs » Thu Oct 10, 2019 12:39 pm

hi again, just seeing this now. sounds like you have been making some really great changes!

i think in review the detail i was wanting to underscore has been covered off again:
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    jl- i think less well known that you need to provide plenty of magnesium to interact with vitamin d3 whether it's from sunlight, food or supplements. a low mag level is one of several reasons a person can have trouble getting their d3 levels up. there are lots of fun details to learn re chemical forms, doses, combinations and timing.
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    nhe- Vitamin D3 needs to consumed with magnesium. Do you currently take a magnesium supplement? Try a highly absorbable form such as magnesium glycinate. Take some with your D3 and some at a different time, e.g., morning and evening.
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    ilc- I’ve been taking 400mg of magnesium citrate daily, although sometimes I forget. I’ve also been taking epsom salt baths here and there. ... Also still taking Vitamin d3 pills 2000 iu..
note also that mag glycinate, even if it's just modified mag oxide (which it is), is still the more absorbable form. i've run into symptomatic folks whose only change needed to obtain relief was a switch from citrate to glycinate. i hope that any revisions you are able to accommodate keep providing improvements :)

can we do a mini review of the tmi element? re which specific things you're noticing are cyclical? hopefully with that detail and the new regimen combined some hint will emerge re useful next steps :D

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Re: Undiagnosed

Post by Ilovecoffee » Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:37 pm

Thanks jl!
At first I noticed more symptoms seemed to be coming every month, and then I noticed they were coming within the week leading up to my period.
The symptoms I got in August happened 3 days before my period, and the symptoms that came in September happened 5 days before my period. This month, they also happened 5 days before. Not sure if it’s related or not. I went out and got magnesium glycinate today. Thanks for the tip. Hope it helps.

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