Multiple Sclerosis desatascador

Tell us what you are using to treat your MS-- and how you are doing.
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Multiple Sclerosis desatascador

Post by gristy56 » Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:55 am

MS should be renamed Magnetite Supersufficiency. As children, we have had a bout of iron overload and not realised. The excess iron has been oxidised, chiefly as hematite and magnetite and stored because the bodies own chelation mechanism is insufficient. This you can read about on the net. What you can't read is lateral thinking in that the storage sites are in the head and feet at the ends of the arterial network. The reason for this is that magnetite and hematite form chains of alternate molecules that because of their ferro magnetic quality and act as compass needles in the blood. This quality is put to good use by birds that migrate because these chains align with the Earth's magnetic field.
But, there is a problem for humans in that the length of these easily exceeds the diameter of capillaries branching from the arteries. Therefore they do not enter easily without breaking apart. So, for people who have narrow veins and excess magnetite AND sleep in a north-south direction this problem exists. By sleeping East-West this problem is avoided. Further, your bed should have a steel sprung mattress. With these two changes you will produce an even distribution of magnetite over the whole body. For a good illustration of this, watch the video on Youtube entitled- 'Clever dog crosses narrow bridge with branch in its mouth'.
Enough said about the pathology. I will not explain how this leads to MS here but will jump quickly to a two stage solution.
Step 1 is to 'degauss' the brain to remove magnetite. This is done with the close proximity of a small alternating magnetic field using a desatascador, details to follow. The magnetite will return to the blood stream. Step 2 is to permenantly remove from the blood and body by forced chelation. Blood phlebotomy of around 200mL a week, drinking much water etc etc.
I currentjy use these methods with much success.


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