24 and I feel like an old lady...

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24 and I feel like an old lady...

Post by QStone » Tue Jan 01, 2013 10:43 am

Hello ThisIsMS forums.

I'm sure many of you can understand how I feel like such an old person even at 24. With all the symptoms (I am undiagnosed but i feel a lot of my symptoms point to MS, i'm still going through testing and numerous doctors appointments. I know neither you nor I can say whether it is MS or not.)
It's downright aggravating when things are happening to you but aren't readily noticed by others. "invisible diseases" you know? I know many people with Fibromyalgia. My roommate whom I take care of has severe Lyme disease. I'm glad for my current GP because she hasn't given up on me yet. Its been a few months. Kinda slow going. But even though we haven't figured it out yet she makes sure to tell me she believes me and doesn't think my symptoms are "just in my head".
As I am typing my scalp has gone all tingly. Annoying as heck. And my eye has gone all stupid. I am looking forward to my first Neuro appointment at the end of this month (been waiting almost 3 months for this appointment). I'm also going to get an eye exam appointment soon. I haven't had an eye exam since i was in middle school. My vision has always been great up until this past year or so with shiny things in my vision and decreased peripheral vision in my right eye.
Things I've noticed. That most of my weakness, tingling sensations, vision problems, etc. have been mostly on my right side. Dunno what that means.

I've had in office balance and whatever tests, I've had an EMG (peripheral nerves are fine). Blood tests are all fine. And I know a diagnosis isn't all its cracked up to be. I really just want to know that there is something actually wrong with me and i'm not just a stupid hypochondriac or anything.

(Sorry for scatterbrained post, concentration is difficult.)

Also, even though I love hot showers in the dark I can't anymore. My symptoms get worse. I lose my balance, I lose my night vision, I get weak. And cold weather also sucks because it makes me achy and weak as well. I really do feel like I'm falling apart.
Oh, and the muscle twitches and spasms and jerks and stuff. Like my head pulling to the side and my arm jumping and my leg twitching. Sometimes its just little muscle twitches and other times my foot will jump or my arm will move. It's very annoying when I'm trying to rest and relax.
Thankfully my job isn't too hard. I really just have to pace myself. And know my own limits.

Anyway. Hope you all had a good New Years Eve.
Here's to a good New Year.

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